Nabil Motlagh (11 years old) won the 2005 Tropicana speech contest at West Melbourne School of Science with this speech


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According to the Webster’s dictionary unity means to combine as one, consolidated. To me unity means to be together and work as one. Unity is a very important part in the world today because without unity everyone would be mad and aggravated with each other. Unity is so important that there were songs written about it, such as We Are One, by Dan Seals. The song is mostly about kids in different countries that are having a hard time with prejudice and segregation. Most of you must of heard the saying “united we stand, divided we fall.” That means when we are together we will stand firm and when we are divided we will fail and collapse. An example of why disunity is bad is if you are on a sports team and the  team is not working together and not passing the ball your team will lose because one person will try to score without passing and then many opposing players will gang up on that person and steal the ball from him or her. Sadly today, there is not a lot of unity in the world, nations are at war. Some nations are fighting their own citizens and many people are dying. The world is not making much progress. Now I am going to quote a famous Prophet who said “We are the leaves of one tree and the fruits of one branch.” That means we as human beings should work together and not fight. We should be as united as the fingers of one hand. Another advantage of unity is that it makes for happy people. When children are taught about unity when they are young they will become kind and fair adults. All together unity is oneness, wholeness, and togetherness. Also without unity we will never achieve world peace. Before I end my speech I would like to leave you with these words and I quote “so powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth.” Please think about these words and try to promote peace.

Nabil Motlagh

June 2005

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